Alphabetical List

AACC Men and Abortion

Abortion and the Church (David Williams)

Abortion and the Clergy (Sheila Harper)

Biology of Men and Pregnancy

Building a Men’s Ministry: A Guide for Pregnancy Resource Centers (Catherine Coyle and Vincent Rue)

Canadian Mark David Pickup Shares Personal Abortion Story (Catherine Coyle)

Choosing a Qualified Therapist or Counselor (Catherine Coyle)

Could Grizzlies’ Keyon Dooling Inspire Pro Athletes? (Kevin Burke)

Critical Response to Exploring Men’s Roles in Women’s Decisions to End Pregnancies, A (Catherine Coyle and Vincent Rue)

Dads-To-Be May Experience Hormone Changes Before Their Babies Are Born, Study Shows (Huffington Post)

Denial of Peter: A Message of Hope for Those Involved in the Abortion of an Unborn Child (Kevin Burke)

Does Abortion Affect Men? (Scott Miller)

Don’t Forget About the Guys (Bradley Mattes)

Effectively Integrating Men in the Mission of the Local Crisis Pregnancy Center (Gregory Hasek)

Emotional Quicksand: The Hidden Pain of Men (Kevin Burke)

Father Loss Leads to Fatherhood Lost: A Reflection on Father’s Day: A Day to Honor or Grieve? (Gregory Hasek)

Fathers Learning to Grieve Abortion Decision (John Kennedy)

Flashpoint! A Woman’s Right to Choose (Gary Graham)

Grieving My Aborted Daughter (Scott Miller)

Healing the Torn Up Hearts of the Fathers (Linda Cochrane)

Healing Vision Conference Includes Focus on Men

Helping Hurting Fathers in Latin America (Bradley Mattes)

High Calling of Fatherhood, The (Bradley Mattes)

Hollow Men, The (Vincent Rue)

Impact on Men: Losing a Child by Abortion, The (Bradley Mattes)

Invalidation of Male Trauma in American Culture, The (Gregory Hasek)

Is There Not a Cause? (Sheila Harper)

Jesus, What Have I Done? Steven Tyler: Rock Star, American Idol Judge and Father (Kevin Burke)

Men and Abortion (Warren Williams)

Men and Abortion: An Overview (Bradley Mattes)

Men and Abortion: Reclaiming Fatherhood (Catherine Coyle)

Men Becoming Fathers (Vicki Thorn)

Men Restored as they Remember Lost Children and Celebrate their Fatherhood (Warren Williams)

New Study: The Meaning of Abortion in Men’s Lives (Catherine Coyle and Vincent Rue)

One Lie at a Time (Scott Miller)

Painful Price of Silence, The (Scott Miller)

Permission to be Restored (Warren Williams)

Psychologists: APA Deceptive on How Abortion Adversely Affects Women, Men (Life News)

Reaching Men Through Pregnancy Resource Center Ministry (Jim Pye)

Relational Context of Abortion Decision-Making: A Research Note (Vincent Rue and Catherine Coyle)

Rise Up! (David Williams)

Role of Men in Abortion, The (Sheila Harper)

Sarah Palin: The After Abortion Trig-ger? (Kevin Burke)

Sharing Our Stories to Win Hearts and Minds (Tony Perry)

Skating Around the Truth: An Editor at “The Atlantic” Responds to Man’s Letter One Year After An Abortion (Kevin Burke)

Stealth Dads (Warren Williams)

Three Areas of Healing After Abortion (Catherine Coyle)

Turning the Hearts of Fathers (Kevin Burke)

Unseen Victims of Ireland’s Vote, The (Bradley Mattes)

Unshackled (John Kennedy)

What Floyd Mayweather Tells Us About Manhood and Abortion (Amy Otto)

What’s a Man to Do?! (Catherine Coyle)