The Unseen Victims of Ireland’s Vote

The recent referendum in Ireland dealt a devastating blow to the nation’s efforts to protect their most vulnerable and defenseless citizens. By a margin of two-to-one its voters overturned constitutional protections for unborn babies from the moment of conception. The result will be abortion on demand throughout 12 weeks and up to viability (24 weeks) when the mother’s life or health are threatened. Abortion is permissible past viability if the baby has a condition incompatible with life.

The obvious victims left in the wake of Ireland’s repeal of its Amendment Eight are unborn babies and their mothers.

But there are others.

Abortion’s oft-forgotten or overlooked victims are the fathers of children lost to abortion. Ireland’s about-face in protecting its most helpless citizens will have a direct impact on men.

Limited research in America indicates approximately eight percent of men are seriously affected by the loss of a baby to abortion. Many more suffer to a lesser extent. However, we haven’t begun to scratch the surface in knowing the shattering impact of abortion on our nation and its citizens.

At a time when our president, pro-life members of Congress, governors and state legislatures are tirelessly laboring to reverse legal abortion in America, Ireland is running directly into its path with certain disastrous consequences.

Like their American counterpart, the men of Ireland may be shocked to realize that they have been sidelined from participating in the crucial decision whether their unborn baby lives or dies.

They probably didn’t realize that by voting to repeal Amendment Eight, or not voting at all, they were abdicating a basic right to protect their offspring from the brutal and deadly violence of abortion.

When a man comes face-to-face with an unexpected pregnancy, combined with the reality that his partner has unilaterally decided to end the life of their baby, he now won’t find an advocate in his government. The government has morphed from a protector of the people into a facilitator of intentional death.

Of course, many men in Ireland will celebrate the repeal of Amendment Eight. They are more likely to be the fathers who will erect a wall of denial regarding the humanity of their unborn child and the violent way he or she died.

For others, emotionally facing such a grim reality will seem like an insurmountable task. Unless they have help, it likely will be. Many will self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Others may harbor an intense anger and hatred for their partner or women in general.

Irish pro-lifers will need to mobilize a grassroots network to counsel women and men facing unexpected pregnancies and to help grieving mothers and fathers pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

Members of the Men and Abortion Network are all too familiar with the human carnage that Ireland voters have welcomed into their borders. In the name of empowerment and compassion for women they have declared that their children are expendable. Further, they’re neglecting to see the devastating, long term impact on present and future generations.

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