New Study Looks at Pregnancy Loss by Miscarriage or Elective Abortion

A new research project initiated by the Alliance for Post Abortion Research and Training will focus on two forms of pregnancy loss, miscarriage and elective abortion. Researchers Dr. Vince Rue and Dr. Catherine Coyle will utilize anonymous, online surveys to collect data from both men and women.  You can visit their website at for more information about their work.

The paucity of research on pregnancy loss, particularly from a father’s perspective, greatly limits our understanding of the effects of such loss and also limits the ability to develop appropriate treatment plans.  The data obtained from this research project will help meet the following goals:

  • Increase appreciation of the magnitude and nuances of people’s experience with pregnancy loss through miscarriage and abortion.
  • Inform the development of effective treatment programs for those who have suffered a miscarriage or abortion.
  • Provide new insights for those who offer women and men crisis pregnancy and/or post abortion counseling.

Drs. Coyle and Rue would greatly appreciate your help. If you are an adult woman or man who has experienced pregnancy loss by miscarriage or elective abortion, please consider responding to one of their surveys at the following URL:

Your participation in this study can make a difference for women and men who have suffered a pregnancy loss.  If you are affiliated with an organization that provides information or other support for men and/or women after miscarriage or abortion, you might also consider including a link to at your website or in your organization’s newsletter.

Dr. Rue and Dr. Coyle may be contacted through the Alliance for Post Abortion Research and Training website at

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  1. Doug Reply

    I completed the survey. In many cases I wasn’t sure if I should give answers that reflect my current situation after years of recovery, or what had been the worst, or something in the middle. Ultimately, I tried to reflect things as they most generally were, rather than the highs, or the lows.

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