There is No Unforgiveness in Heaven

unforgivenessWhether a person believes the Bible is the Word of God or not, it still has some important things to say about the nature of human beings.

According the scriptures people were made in the image of God and have an eternal quality to their nature. In other words human beings are designed to live forever.

Scripture also makes it clear that human life begins at conception. So that means that every one of the approximately 60 million babies that have been aborted since 1973 are still living in eternity. This is a troubling thought for someone who has been involved in an abortion and who recognizes that by being a human being themselves, they have the capability of entering the eternal bliss of heaven as well. They are destined to an eternity to where their aborted children are already living. Are you ready for that day if you’ve been part of an abortion?

I know I am. Although it is only through God’s grace that I can say that.

Thirty six years ago my daughter lost her life at an abortion clinic in the United States. I’ve never forgotten her. Oh, I tried to. I tried to drink her memory away with alcohol. I even tried to deny to myself that she ever existed. However, I was always plagued with the reality that she had existed and possibly could still exist.

I had to face these troubling realities.

I had to acknowledge that she had existed and that I had let her die. I had to acknowledge that I needed God’s forgiveness for my part in this experience and was able to experience it. I had to acknowledge that she was an eternal being who was now living in heaven. The problem came when I wrestled with the reality that I would have to meet her one day. What would that be like, I wondered?

I began to get the impression that there was no unforgiveness in heaven and that one day there would be a joyous reunion. Does the reality of an aborted child stay with people? From my personal experience and my experience with others who have had this experience, it does. Do I have an example of this outside of my own experience?

I do.

I recently did a workshop on Fathers and Abortion in Jacksonville, Florida. I was asked by an attendee if there was any scriptural evidence that his aborted child of 40 years previous was in heaven. I referred him to 2 Samuel 12:23 where David said he would see his lost child in heaven. Forty years had passed since this father had lost a child to abortion and he was still concerned about the reality of his child’s whereabouts. When shown from scripture that his child was in heaven, he felt blessed and reassured. He was comforted with the reality that there was no unforgiveness in heaven and that, therefore, his daughter desired him to be there with her one day.

What about you?

Are you still plagued by the gnawing question of where is that child that was lost in the that abortion years ago and what kind of feelings they may have towards you? That question is there because human beings are eternal and God having placed eternity in our hearts is allowing those questions to surface. His presence in our lives as his creation is attempting to let his reality flow into our spirits. He wants us to know that our children are in heaven and they long to see us there because there is no unforgiveness in heaven.

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