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The Painful Price of Silence

There were several factors that kept my admission of emotional discomfort quiet after my girlfriend’s abortion. The first factor was the vain attempt to believe that what we had done was perfectly alright. Any emotional discomfort I felt was simply due to the reality that I was not accepting the facts. The facts were that this had been

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Does Abortion Affect Men?

That is a question people do not like to think about or even refuse to think about. After all, most believe it is none of the man’s business because it is the woman’s body. As well, if any consider the father at all, they believe they are glad that the abortion occurred and that they have no

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One Lie at a Time

One of the biggest lies about the abortion experience is that it does not effect the fathers of these children. From my own experience and the experience of men that I have talked to, it has a profound effect and an effect that continues throughout one’s life, although the dehibilitng effect begins to lessen. If

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