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Just in Time for Father's Day
Kevin Burke, LSW

Building a Men’s Ministry: A Guide for
Pregnancy Resource Centers

Catherine T. Coyle, R.N.,PhD & Vincent M. Rue, PhD

Men and Abortion an Overview
By Bradley Mattes, MBSBC

When Daddy's Dream Died, Daddy Died Too
By Bradley Mattes, MBSBC

The Impact on Men - Losing a Child by Abortion
By Bradley Mattes, MBSBC

Save One: The Men's Study SaveOne: The Men's Study
SaveOne: The Men’s Study is for men seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion experience. This is a guide as well as a workbook, researched and written by a woman who herself had an abortion when she was a teenager. For seven years, author Sheila Harper carried with her the shame and humiliation of her abortion, only to find deliverance through Gods abundant Grace.

This book is a revealing look at post-abortion pain and guilt. It will help you pinpoint the debilitating issues of forgiveness, anger, and wrong thoughts. SaveOne will guide you toward Gods Grace and His renewal of your mind. Step by step, this study guide shows you how to rely on your Creator for the courage to deal with the past, while answering questions such as:

Is there life after an abortion?
Can I really overcome my guilt and be set free?
Does God really care about me?

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Facilitating Biblical Healing - MenFacilitating Biblical Healing - Men
Facilitating Biblical Healing Ė Men: The Complete Leaderís Guide (by Cooter, Rice, and Stoner) is the leaderís guide for use with Healing a Fatherís Heart: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men by Linda Cochrane. Contains foundations for ministry, comprehensive guidelines and other resource materials for use with Healing a Fatherís Heart.

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Men and Abortion -Resources for Healing Men and Abortion -Resources for Healing
New tools are available for men to actively counsel men in crisis as a result of abortion. Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the availability of, Men and Abortion- Resources for Healing. A compilation of resources to aid in counseling for lost fatherhood from an abortion experience. Click to link to Fatherhood Lost: Training Manual (pdf) and Missing Arrows Bible Study (pdf). 

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Healing a Father's HeartHealing a Father's Heart
by Linda Cochrane An insightful Bible study for men touched by abortion. Helps these “silent, wounded warriers” to move from denial to acceptance and forgiveness through God’s love.

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Redeeming a Father's HearRedeeming a Father's Heart: Men Share Powerful Stories of Abortion Loss and Recovery (Ideal for Catholic Audience)
Foreword by Fr Frank Pavone, Introduction by Kevin Burke, LSW with Dave Wemhoff & Marvin Stockwell. Redeeming A Father’s Heart presents the powerful stories of 10 courageous men with the common desire to present the truth of their abortion experience and the consequences of this life changing decision.

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Repairing His StoryDaily Contentment with GodRepairing His Story and Daily Contentment with God
Here’s a good counseling resource for men who don’t want to commit to an 8-12-week counseling program. Repairing His Story is a 4-week program. It comes with a daily devotional book called Daily Contentment With God.

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Sons of Adam - Catholic Counseling
Old Hickory, TN

Contact Rev. Steven Wolf 615.758.2424 ext. 12

Email: sonsofadam@idjc.info


House of EsauHouse of Esau Ministry Manual
The House of Esau Manaul, written by a post-abortive father, details a potential process designed to bring alleviation to some of the stresses experienced by a father who has lost a child to abortion. Included also are some of the understanding gained by various M.A.N. members regarding healing for fathers of aborted children.

Rev. Scott Miller

The cost for this manual is $25.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling.

Please contact Scott Miller houseofesau@silverlion for more information or if you'd like to place an order.

Dearest AngelLetters to Pilgrim
Letters to Pilgrim is written by a man who experienced the loss of a child by elective abortion.  Through letters written
to the daughter he never had a chance to hold, LePore shares his life and the life he imagines his daughter might have
lived.  Written more than forty years after the abortion, the author's pain as well as his hard-won peace are candidly shared with his readers.

Catherine T. Coyle, RN, PhD

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Dearest AngelDearest Angel
William Zimmerman in his reflective book. Dearest Angel has shared the depth of his pain resulting from the abortion of his child. As someone who has walked with men who have lost their children in this way, he has done a great service to those who have walked where he has walked and those trying to understand the pain of a father who lost his child to abortion! There are very few books that address this politically incorrect topic! I highly recommend this book.

Vicki Thorn
Executive Director
The National Office of Post-Abortive Reconcilliation & Healing

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Fatherhood AbortedFatherhood Aborted
A book written by the late Guy Condon former president of CARE NET. Every year, 1.4 million babies are killed by abortion. And the men who fathered them experience the emotional and spiritual upheaval of knowing that — whether by their will or not — their child died. Fatherhood Aborted examines not only the destructive effects of abortion on men — but the path to healing.

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Forgiveness, "I Just Can't Forgive Myself"Forgiveness, "I Just Can't Forgive Myself"
by: Robert D. Jones
Robert D. Jones identifies five possible assumptions behind the longing for self-forgiveness. In the process, he pinpoints a deeper problem - and a deeper solution to ongoing guilt. By dispelling a number of misconceptions, Jones clears the path to a joyful realization of complete forgiveness in Christ.

Booklet is $3.00(US) each plus shipping. Simply order by contacting:

Life Issues Institute, Inc., 1821 W. Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45239
Phone: 513.729.3600 E-mail:

Men and Abortion: A Path to HealingMen and Abortion: A Path to Healing
Published by Essence Publishing, 44 Moira St. W., Belleville, Ont., Canada K8P1S3
ISBN: 1-89416987-5

Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of HealingSwallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing
by Thomas R. Golden, LCSW

- Available from Amazon.com


Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of HealingMen and Abortion: Finding Healing, Restoring Hope
by Dr. Catherine T. Coyle

- Available from Knights of Columbus
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Men Hurt TooMen Hurt Too
by Bradley Mattes This easy-read brochure tells why men suffer from the aftereffects of abortion, what the symptoms are, and how to treat the symptoms.

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Forgotten Fathers: Men and AbortionForgotten Fathers: Men and Abortion
This helpful brochure explains that men who do not hide their feelings often describe their abortion experience as bewildering and painful beyond their coping abilities. An excellent aid to help us understand and assist with this situation.

-Available from Life Cycle Books


Hope and HealingBulletin Insert
Hope and Healing (printable pdf)

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Men Hurt TooMen in the Aftermath - Facing Life Head-On
Facing Life Head-On airs weekly in over 100 million homes. Each week host Brad Mattes covers topics that provoke thought and promotes awareness on the life issues.

- Episode Summary

Men Hurt TooMen Hurt, Too - Facing Life Head-On
Facing Life Head-On airs weekly in over 100 million homes. Each week host Brad Mattes covers topics that provoke thought and promotes awareness on the life issues.

- Episode Summary

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Abortion Hurts MenAbortion Hurts Men - Vision House Studio - ReVealing Productions


Abortion has a dramatic impact upon the lives of men as well as women. This DVD documents the story of one man who suffers tremendous loss after aborting his child.

New play tells stories of post-abortive women and men

Epiphany Studio Productions’ newest play, “The Vitae Monologues,” opens with a scene in a therapist’s office, where several people talk about seemingly unrelated problems they’re having in their lives. Soon, however, a common theme begins to emerge: Each has experienced the trauma of abortion.

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Hidden Victims of AbortionHidden Victims
Life Issues Institute is pleased to make available "Hidden Victims", a PowerPoint-type presentation on men and abortion. It is extremely user-friendly and contains attractive graphics and images.

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